Or at least bring you some peace.

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Resolving conflict is part and parcel of human relationships. And often, it requires us to shift our energy a little.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

Regardless of who was right and who wrong — a matter of opinion in most cases — to resolve a conflict, we need to be able to step into the other's shoes.

But this can be so hard to do when we’re feeling angry, frustrated, or genuinely hard-done-by. First, we need to calm down and tune into our empathy muscles. …

A simple adjustment of expectations can help you overcome them.

meditation myths
meditation myths
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While the benefits of meditation are no longer doubted, and the practice is becoming more and more mainstream, many people still believe that it’s not for them.

And — for most of them — this is probably not the case.

Indeed, meditation is not for everyone, but it is safe for most people to practice. And most people can practice effectively even if, right now, they can’t see themselves getting into it.

I was one of those people, and now I’m not only a daily meditator but a certified teacher of the practice as well. …

Part 2

A Primer for Westerners

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If you know Feng Shui’s basics, and you want to add a little more potency, then try including some natural elements into the mix.

Each gua is connected with a different element of nature:

· Health & Wellbeing/Unity: Earth
· Fame & Reputation: Fire
· Relationships: Earth
· Family & Community: Wood
· Creativity/Children/New Beginnings: Metal
· Self-Development/Knowledge & Wisdom: Earth
· Career & Life Path: Water
· Helpful Friends/Travel: Metal
· Wealth: Wood

To help activate each gua, it’s recommended that the associated element is the dominant one in that area.

For example, in Fame & Reputation, you want…

A great kisser, a masterful lover.

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We haven’t met yet, but I already know you.
You are kind; I recognize that instantly from the warmth in your eyes.
And I see it, always, in your everyday deeds.

You are respectful: towards me, towards others, towards yourself.
You are smart, but you don’t show it off.
And yet you show it quietly in all that you say and do.

You are funny; not in a raucously, look-at-me-I’m-the-class-clown kind of way.
But you are, and we laugh together every day.

You are sexy and cute and affectionate and cuddly.
A great kisser, a masterful lover.

You are generous…

It can be relatively simple to apply — if we don’t get too bogged down in having to do it perfectly.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons

Many ancient traditions applied sacred space practices to purify the energy of our homes. In the modern western world, though, Feng Shui is possibly the better-known system.

And it can be relatively simple to apply — if we don’t get too bogged down in having to do it perfectly.

Before getting started, you need to choose whether to follow classical or western Feng Shui. Having experimented with both, I have found my groove with the western version (also known as Black Hat). I like this system because it allows greater flexibility and creativity in applying “cures.”

If I had grown…

Hilda Carroll

Hilda Carroll is a writer, meditation teacher and interior designer who helps people create sanctuary in their homes and lives. www.hildacarroll.com

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