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Love poems, sexy love poems, and other poems.

Ready to come alive to the right touch

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Can you see past the graying hair
To the vibrancy of the woman
Still young(ish) at heart
Who lives inside this middle-aged body?

Can you see the hopes and dreams
That her heart still contains,
Even if time is marching on
And she appears to have given in
To a life with less sheen
Than she imagined for herself
Once upon a time?

Can you see that the siren,
Nowadays more outwardly subdued,
Is still there
Ready to come alive
To the right touch?

Can you catch a glimpse of her soul That longs for connection and intimacy Or detect…

A response to the H.R. writing prompt

Is it passion or obsession?

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The desire
to fuse with you completely
melding our bodies
into sublime oneness.

The danger
losing ourselves in the pleasure
until the intensity builds
to a point of explosion
shattering us
into so many fragments
we may never be able
to put ourselves back together.

The lines are blurry
how can we tell
is it passion
or obsession?

How can we stop one
leading to the other?

Thanks so much to Jupiter Grant for tagging me in this H.R. prompt, and introducing me to The Brain is a Noodle.

I had intended to try my hand at a light-hearted limerick…

It’s the best time of year to focus on new beginnings.

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In astrology, the Spring Equinox is the actual ‘new year,’ which makes complete sense to me.

I, for one, always feel much more inclined to shake things up in my life in springtime than in the darkest depths of winter when we’re traditionally encouraged to consider developing new habits.

In January, I reflect. In February, I start to get an itch. And in late March, I begin to scratch.

As the signs of new life happening outside my window become more apparent, I get an urge to move into action. Don’t you?

If you’re starting to feel a spring in…

Or at least bring you some peace.

Resolving conflict is part and parcel of human relationships. And often, it requires us to shift our energy a little.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

Regardless of who was right and who wrong — a matter of opinion in most cases — to resolve a conflict, we need to be able to step into the other's shoes.

But this can be so hard to do when we’re feeling angry, frustrated, or genuinely hard-done-by. First, we need to calm down and tune into our empathy muscles. …

Part 2

A Primer for Westerners

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If you know Feng Shui’s basics, and you want to add a little more potency, then try including some natural elements into the mix.

Each gua is connected with a different element of nature:

· Health & Wellbeing/Unity: Earth
· Fame & Reputation: Fire
· Relationships: Earth
· Family & Community: Wood
· Creativity/Children/New Beginnings: Metal
· Self-Development/Knowledge & Wisdom: Earth
· Career & Life Path: Water
· Helpful Friends/Travel: Metal
· Wealth: Wood

To help activate each gua, it’s recommended that the associated element is the dominant one in that area.

For example, in Fame & Reputation, you want…

Hilda Carroll

Hilda Carroll is a writer, meditation teacher and interior designer who helps people create sanctuary in their homes and lives.

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